Breath And Blood Tests in Louisiana

The specific amount of alcohol found in your system makes a world of difference in DUI/DWI matters in Louisiana. This means the results of breath and blood tests in Louisiana are critical to prosecuting or defending against a drunk driving charge in Louisiana.

Our lawyer, Sanjay K. Biswas, provides aggressive defense and strategic counsel for individuals across Louisiana including Metairie and New Orleans.

Did You Take The Breathalyzer Test Or Refuse It?

Whether you took the Breathalyzer test or refused to take it, you may have a real problem.

If you took the test and failed it, the prosecution now has factual ammunition to use against you. It can be difficult to prove your innocence when the breath test results say you are guilty. However, it is not impossible. Because the Breathalyzer machines need to be calibrated and maintained like any other type of delicate equipment, they are sometimes subject to errors.

Mr. Biswas will diligently search for such mistakes.

If you refused to take the breath test (or a blood or urine test), you will automatically lose your driver’s license for one year. This is due to Louisiana’s implied consent law.

However, Mr. Biswas can fight to help you regain your driving privileges as soon as possible. He handles driver’s license suspension¬†matters in New Orleans and beyond.

Blood Tests And Urine Tests Are Not Infallible

Like other types of sobriety tests, blood and urine tests are subject to error.

The specimens may be contaminated, lab workers may not follow proper procedure during the collection process and other mistakes may occur. Mr. Biswas will take full advantage of any errors to help strengthen your defense.

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