Louisiana Domestic Violence Attorney

Allegations of domestic violence or domestic abuse battery are taken very seriously in Louisiana. Even if you were the one who called the police, you may have found yourself arrested.

Don’t resign yourself to spending the next six months or longer in jail in Louisiana. Instead, turn to the law firm of Sanjay K. Biswas, Attorney at Law, for clear legal counsel and aggressive representation.  Mr. Biswas as a Louisiana Domestic Violence Attorney, represents individuals across the state of Louisiana including Metairie and New Orleans who have been charged with domestic abuse battery, assault and similar criminal offenses.

Using Force Against A Member Of The Household

Domestic abuse battery is defined as willfully using force or violence against someone else belonging to your household. The term “household member” is quite broad and includes:

  • Your spouse, children and parents
  • Anyone significant other of the opposite sex who is currently living with you or has lived with you in the past five years
  • Any child who lives with you or has lived with you in the last five years

Combating Protective Orders

Under Louisiana law, the alleged victim doesn’t have to notify you that he or she is seeking a temporary restraining order against you. One day you may simply receive notice that you are forbidden to have any contact with the other person. In addition, a temporary restraining order can force you to leave your own home, temporarily grant the other parent full custody of the children and more.

If a protective order has been issued against you, consult Mr. Biswas as soon as possible. The hearing will usually be scheduled within 21 days, and you deserve to have a strong advocate who can present your side of the story.

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