Marijuana Charges in Louisiana

Cannabis Is Still Illegal In Louisiana

Although a number of U.S. states have legalized the general use or medicinal use of marijuana, Louisiana is not one of them. Being caught in possession of pot is still considered a drug offense. If the weight of the plant exceeds a certain limit, you may even be charged with “possession with intent to distribute” — a crime that carries even more serious consequences.

If you have been charged with any type of marijuana-related offense, including operating a marijuana grow house, the Metairie law firm of Sanjay K. Biswas, Attorney at Law, is here to provide the strong representation you seek in Louisiana. As a lawyer with more than 16 years of legal experience, Mr. Biswas understands how to effectively prepare a case and defend his clients’ rights in Louisiana.

Don’t Take Possession Charges Lightly in Louisiana

If you are convicted of a marijuana possession for the first time, it will likely be considered a misdemeanor offense, carrying up to six months of jail time and $500 in fines. However, it may be considered a felony crime if this is your second or third conviction, or if you were in a drug-free zone (such as within 1,000 feet of a school).

In any case, a conviction will tarnish your record and may negatively affect your opportunities for employment, student loans and more. For these reasons, finding a skilled defense lawyer is vital.

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