Theft Offenses Attorney in Louisiana

Even a theft offense that seems relatively insignificant, such as first-time shoplifting, can leave a permanent stain on your record. Few employers want to hire someone convicted of theft, so it is important to make every effort to clear your name.Mr. Biswas. as a theft offenses attorney in Louisiana, handles both misdemeanor and felony theft offenses in Metairie, in New Orleans and throughout the state courts of Louisiana. With more than 16 years of legal experience, he can zealously defend your rights in cases that involve:

  • Armed robbery — This criminal offense involves using a dangerous weapon to force or intimidate someone into giving up any type of valuable property.
  • Motor vehicle theft — Commonly called “carjacking,” the crime of stealing someone else’s vehicle carries significant penalties. Even “joyriding,” or taking the vehicle with the intent to return it, can be a serious matter.
  • Burglary — This offense can include home invasion, looting, unauthorized entry into a place of business and more. Aggravating factors include the possession of a weapon and battery.
  • Shoplifting — Technically called “theft of goods” in Louisiana, this type of crime can include everything from stealing a candy bar from a gas station to taking high-priced electronics from a retail store.

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