Weapons Offenses Attorney in Louisiana

As Americans, we have the constitutional right to bear arms. However, both the federal government and the Louisiana state government enforce certain limits on that right. At the Metairie law firm of Sanjay K. Biswas, Attorney at Law, we provide diligent representation for individuals charged with all types of weapons offenses and other criminal offenses in Louisiana, including:

  • Possessing a gun as a convicted felon — If you were convicted of a violent felony, a burglary, a sex offense or a felony drug crime, it is illegal for you to carry a firearm in Louisiana. A “felon in possession” offense can result in up to 20 years of prison time and up to $5,000 in fines.
  • Illegally carrying a concealed weapon — Without a valid permit, it is against Louisiana law to carry a concealed handgun or other weapon.
  • Negligently carrying a concealed weapon — Even if you have a permit, it is illegal to carry a gun in a manner that may accidentally cause it to fire.
  • Firing a gun within 1,000 feet of a parade — To protect spectators at Mardi Gras parades and other celebrations, it is forbidden to discharge firearms anywhere along the route.
  • Removing the serial number from your gun — It is against the law to own a firearm that has had its identifying marks erased.
  • Carrying a gun on school property — You may face up to five years of prison time for taking a firearm onto school grounds or to a school activity.
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